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two Cantrip cans, Blackberry Lavender and Orange Soda.

Dream big, drink better.

Welcome to Cantrip, the THC drink company that combines plants and natural flavors to create something sensationally drinkable.

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10 MG Grapefruit Hibiscus Seltzer

 < 0.3% all-natural extracted THC (hemp-derived)

The Cantrip Grapefruit Hibiscus can, featuring a pink and light blue gradient. and the Cantrip wordmark.

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selling seltzer variety pack.

 < 0.3% all-natural extracted THC (hemp-derived)

All of the Cantrip low-dose seltzer cans: Lemon Basil, Blackberry Lavender, and Ginger Peach.
An icon that specifies Cantrip drinks are make with naturally-extracted d9-THC.

All Cantrip drinks are made witwhich means you can enjoy the ride without anything synthetic; direct from the plant to you.

And, because Cantrip is made with hemp-derived THC, it's legal in most states.



natural flavoring

an icon of a clock, symbolizing fast acting..


an icon of a V, symbolizing vegan.


an icon of wheat crossed out, symbolizing gluten-free..


an icon of a plant, symbolizing natural flavoring.

real sugar

" of the best products on the market today. Light, refreshing, and a great alcohol replacement."

"Lovely beverage to sip on and unwind, without the harmful effect of alcohol. Such a treat."

"I love the products! Delicious, low cal, and great micro dose!"

"Love the taste, branding...and most of all, I love the efficacy and onset of these...These always hit the spot!"

“ ebullient, enchanting high without any hard work.”

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